Bespoke Ukuleles

Liberty Flight ukuleles are bespoke instruments, made to order to meet individual requirements. By selecting the right tonewood to suit a player's style and including features such as a side-wall sound-hole, the finished ukulele is ultimately fit for purpose.

Attention to Detail

Lindsay, Liberty Flight luthier, prides himself on his fine craftsmanship. From handmade bindings to intricately detailed inlays, each Liberty Flight ukulele is a masterfully created work of art.

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Australian Tonewoods

Australia has numerous timbers that are ideally suited to high quality instrument production. From timbers such as "Bunya Pine" that produces a strong amplified sound, to "Huon Pine" with a richness and sustain, there is an option to compliment any player's style. And for purists, "Australian Blackwood" demonstrates properties very similar to traditional Hawaiian Koa.

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About Lindsay

Lindsay Holder is a master luthier specialising in ukuleles. Based in Eltham (Victoria, Australia), Lindsay has been building ukuleles for over 20 years. His passion for traditional techniques and attention to detail is expressed in each instrument he makes.

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